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    Victor Gischler’s Greatest Reads

    The veteran X-Men and Spirits of Vengeance writer shares his favorite comics with you! Pick up Victor and David Baldeón’s Spirits of Vengeance this fall to read the unholy alliance between Hellstorm, Satana and Blade as they join Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze to prevent all-out war between Heaven and Hell!

    Victor’s Must-Read Moments

    • Daredevil (1964-1998)

      Frank Miller's Daredevil

      In case there's still a man, woman or child who isn't aware of Miller's amazing run on Daredevil (#158-191), I'll mention it here. This book was my first exposure to "comic book noir" and was very influential on my own writing.

    • Power Man and Iron Fist (1978-1986)

      Power Man & Iron Fist or “The 1970s ‘Sweet Christmas!’ Run”

      I love street-level heroes. These guys have each had their own shows on Netflix, but I've always thought they were at their best when together.

    • Howard the Duck (1976-1979)

      Howard the Duck (1976)

      Because everyone needs at least one off-the-wall book on their pull list. As a kid, this book hit my sweet spot over and over again. No disrespect to any of the newer incarnations, but you're gonna want that 1970s vibe.

    • Fantastic Four (1961-1998)

      John Byrne's Fantastic Four

      In my humble opinion, this was both John Byrne and the Fantastic Four peaking at the same time, (read through #232-295). Your mileage may vary. The opposite of "street-level," these were big stories and big fun.

    • Incredible Hercules

      Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente’s Hercules

      I don't really even remember how I stumbled over this one because I never really had any feelings either way for Hercules as a character. But Pak and Van Lente's writing is so sharp and fun, that I was immediately sucked in. "Maceindaface" is still my favorite sound effect.

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