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    Thor Must-Reads

    Witness Thor's journey from becoming Asgard's favorite son to one of Earth's mightiest protectors. Read these greatest moments in Thor's longest running series.

    The Greatest Stories From Thor's First Ongoing Series

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      Thor vs the Deviants and Eternals

      Thor stands alone against the Deviant and Eternals - while mankind stands doomed! Can even a Thunder God prevail?

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      The Celestial Threat

      The war between the Asgards and the Eternals may be over, but when the Assembled Fourth Celestial Host convenes...will the Earth be sentenced to death? Odin attempts to stop the mighty Celestials but is struck down. Can Thor's fury at the fall of his father be enough to push him to stop the nearly invincible Celestials?

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      Introducing Beta Ray Bill

      Everyone's favorite horse-faced cosmic hero Beta Ray Bill makes his thunderous introduction. A hero as worthy as Thor, Beta Ray Bill is able to possess the powers of Thor and his hammer Mjolnir! But where does this leave a powerless Thor? Do we have a new God of Thunder?

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      The Evil of Malekith

      Malekith the Dark Elf has come to Manhattan to unearth an ancient treasure on his road to power. But when he possesses the Casket of Ancient Winters, will he use it to unleash an unholy terror set to bring about the twilight of Asgard?

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      The Surtur Saga

      The Surtur Saga concludes as Thor joins forces with his father Odin and step-brother/nemesis Loki to stop the most dangerous threat to the realm ever. Beta Ray Bill and the Avengers join the fray and in order to stop Surtur, Odin must sacrifice himself.

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      Frog Thor, the Amphibian of Thunder

      Loki's pulls one of his cruelest tricks transforming Thor into a frog! Despite being turned in a frog, Thor still has the heart of a hero. Forced to battle rats and alligators, Thor makes his way back to Mjolnir. And when he lifts up his enchanted hammer, he becomes Frog Thor, the Amphibian of Thunder!

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      Thor vs Loki - In Final Battle

      Thor and Loki engage in final battle, however this time, one of the brothers won't be walking away. Loki's always been the one willing to do whatever it takes to win. This time, Thor will be left with no recourse but to end his brother's life. This fateful choice will have huge consequences for the God of Thunder as Asgard passes judgment on Thor and his decision.

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      A New God of Thunder

      There's a new God of Thunder! When Thor is banished for destroying Loki, the mortal Eric Masterson is given the powers of Thor to act as Earth's protector. But Eric, a mild-mannered architect, is going to have a huge learning curve in becoming a hero. Thor benefitted from eons of battle to become the warrior he was, but Eric Masterson is going to have to learn on the job pretty quickly if wants to be a hero!

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      Blood and Thunder: A Universe Versus a Thor Gone Mad

      The Blood and Thunder crossover begins here. Thor has gone crazy and a galaxy of heroes must unite to stop him. First up is Silver Surfer, but he'll find that the Power Cosmic won't be enough to stop a god gone mad.

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      Ragnarok Has Come

      Ragnarok has come and instead of ending the cycle of the Asgardian gods, Thor finds them scattered across Earth. What becomes of the Asgardians when they are exiled, gods walking amongst men?

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      Can Thor Stop The Juggernaut?

      Acts of Vengeance rage across the Marvel Universe and the Juggernaut has shown up looking to take down the Mighty Thor. Can even the powers of Thor stop the unstoppable?

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