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    Thor's Thunderous Moments

    God of Thunder. Son of Odin. Founding Avenger. Hero of Heroes. Thor has cemented his place as one of Marvel's greatest heroes - and presented here are his most heroic and memorable moments!

    Thor: The Mighty Avenger

    • Journey Into Mystery (1952-1966)

      First Appearance

      The stupendous team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduce Thor into the Marvel Universe! The Mighty Thor, complete with his magical hammer Mjolnir, arrives on Earth, ready for adventure.  But Thor isn't greeted with the warmest of welcomes when the God of Thunder must battle invaders from Mars -- the Stone-Men!

    • Avengers (1963-1996)

      The First Assembling of the Avengers

      Earth's Mightiest Heroes assemble for the first time in this action-packed debut!  Thor's brother Loki journeys to Earth to bring his signature brand of mischief and it's up to Hulk, Iron-Man, Thor, Ant-Man and Wasp to stop him. See Thor assemble with Earth's greatest heroes to stop a threat no single hero could withstand.

    • Thor (1966-1996)

      Thor or Beta Ray Bill: Who Is Worthy?

      Who is worthy of the Hammer? Beta Ray Bill and Thor must fight for the righteous honor of holding Mjolnir! The battle ends with Thor saving Beta Ray Bill from near death. But who will Odin deem worthy of Mjolnir in the end?

    • Thor (1998-2004)

      Thor vs The Destroyer

      Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr. mark the return of Thor to New York City with Thor teaming with the Avengers to do battle with The Destroyer! And it's going to take all of Thor's power to stop this Asgardian juggernaut.

    • Civil War

      Iron Man Clones Thor

      The all-star team of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven bring the Migthy Thor back to the Marvel Universe!  But this isn't the God of Thunder of old. Tony Stark has done something unseemly and created a clone of his long-gone friend Thor. And when this abomination kills the hero Goliath, the Civil War between super heroes kicks into another gear!

    • Thor (2007-2011)

      Thor Returns

      Award-winning author J. Michael Straczynski and fan-favorite artist Oliver Coipel present the electrifying return of the true Thor to the Marvel Universe!  Thor returns to Earth in a reawakened state of mind and body with a new adopted home of Broxton, Oklahoma. And new threats arise as Thor is introduced to the post-Civil War Marvel Universe.

    • Thor (2007-2011)

      Thor vs Iron Man: The Retribution

      The Mighty Thor vs Armored Avenger Iron Man! When Thor learns his once-trusted friend Tony Stark created a clone version of the God of Thunder...well, for that, Thor will have words with his former friend Tony, unleashing a rain of lighting upon Iron Man for his betrayal!  

    • Siege

      Sentry Gone Made

      Norman Osborn's machinations may doom an entire world. The Sentry has gone made and must be stopped…and Thor is the only one powerful enough to do it. But in order to save the Earth, Thor must be willing to sacrifice his dear friend The Sentry!

    • Thor (2007-2011)

      Rebuilding Asgard

      The super-charged new creative team of Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry embark on the rebuilding of Asgard! With Asgard crumbled, the World Tree is unbalanced and causing chaos in other realms.   Thor must gather old friends and new allies in order to rebuild and prevent the destruction of Asgard once more.  Will threats from the other realms of the World Tree thwart Thor's efforts!?

    • Thor: God of Thunder

      God Butcher

      Superstar Jason Aaron and illustrious Esad Ribic put a surge into the past, present, and future of the God of Thunder Thor! Stories across three eras, of a young Thor, the current Thor and the Thor of the future. Enter: the God Butcher, a serial killer looking to take down all the pantheons of gods. One of Thor's most critically acclaimed stories start here!

    • Infinity

      Infinity: Turning the Tide of War

      The universe is under siege by its greatest threat - the Builders! The Avengers, Shi'Ar, Kree and more must gather together in order to take on this unstoppable force. Thor's hammer might be the answer - when he send it rocketing through orbit, gaining velocity before it crashes right through the body of a Builder in one of the greatest Marvel moments of recent years! See Thor turn the tide of this galactic war.

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