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    Symbiote Hosts

    Envelop yourself in inky ooze as we run through the hit list of every known symbiote host! See who’s still on Cletus Kasady’s platter for the Absolute Carnage event!

    Sleeper Symbiote Hosts

    Venom Symbiote Hosts

    Anti-Venom Symbiote Hosts

    Carnage Symbiote Hosts

    Mania Symbiote Hosts

    Scorn Symbiote Hosts

    • Carnage

      Shriek (Alive)

      Criminally insane Frances Barrison, (and Carnage’s love), greedily snatches her doctor’s symbiote.

    • Carnage

      Dr. Tanis Nieves (Presumed Deceased)

      After growing a repulsive mound on her arm, Shriek’s psychiatrist evolves into a creature of Scorn.

    Scream Symbiote Host

    Phage Symbiote Hosts

    Agony Symbiote Hosts

    Riot Symbiote Hosts

    Lasher Symbiote Hosts

    Hybrid Symbiote Hosts

    Toxin Symbiote Hosts

    • Venom vs. Carnage

      Patrick Mulligan (Deceased)

      Tragedy meets the NYPD cop following a half-cooked plan that leaves him host of Venom’s spawn.

    • Venom (2011-2013)

      Eddie Brock (Alive)

      After a crazed binge of trying to kill all symbiotes, Brock’s forcibly bound to the psychotic Toxin.

    Raze Symbiote Host

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