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    Start Here: Spider-Man

    New to comics or looking to read more Spider-Man? Try one of these introductory series or story arcs, recommended by the Marvel Unlimited team!

    Tales of the Web-Slinger

    • Amazing Spider-Man (2015-2018)

      Spider-Man: Worldwide

      Peter Parker is CEO of a global tech company in this fast-paced series co-starring a slew of classic foes and allies!

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998)

      Stan Lee & Steve Ditko’s Spider-Man

      In the debut issue of his very first series, 15-year-old Peter Parker decides to become a masked super hero!

    • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000-2009)

      Ultimate Peter Parker

      A staff and fan-favorite, this defining Spidey run can’t be missed. Peter gets a revamped origin in this resonant series, chronicling his first days as the radioactive Spider-Man.

    • Amazing Spider-Man (2014-2015)

      The ‘Parker Luck’

      Restored after having Doctor Octopus’ brain swapped into his body, Peter Parker returns to the Friendly Neighborhood! But the life he comes back to has a very different status quo…

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998)

      “If This Be My Destiny”

      Often cited as some of co-creator Steve Ditko’s finest work on Spider-Man, this extraordinary arc (read through #33), pits Peter Parker against his most insidious foe – self-doubt. A monumental testament to Spider-Man’s character.

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998)

      The Night Gwen Stacy Died

      In this now-famous issue, Spider-Man’s worst enemy, the Green Goblin, shows how far he’s willing to go to squash Peter Parker. Read through #122!

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998)

      Enter Venom!

      The birth of Spider-Man’s worst nightmare! Crooked journalist Eddie Brock is bonded to an inky, alien suit, threatening first Mary Jane, before taking his beef to Spider-Man!

    • Web of Spider-Man (1985-1995)

      Kraven’s Last Hunt

      Read this renowned arc as a Reading List! In the ultimate tale of revenge and obsession, Spider-Man becomes the prey to the predator Kraven the Hunter!

    • Spider-Man Unlimited (1993-1998)

      Maximum Carnage

      Read this event as a Reading List! A fan of Venom? You’ll love this manic, symbiote smack down featuring Spider-Man, Carnage and even Captain America!

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1999-2013)

      Legend Reborn?

      At the start of his second ongoing series, Spider-Man’s missing! Howard Mackie and artist John Byrne deliver a tightly wrought mystery.

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1999-2013)

      Spider-Man: Civil War

      At the cusp of the super hero Civil War, Peter takes a stance that threatens to expose his other “day job”. Plus, check out Spidey’s suped up suit courtesy of Tony Stark!

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1999-2013)

      Brand New Day

      Following a monumental life change, Spider-Man gets a fresh start in this perfect-for-new-readers entry point.

    • Superior Spider-Man

      Doc Ock: Spider-Man

      Following a dramatic gut punch in Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #700, longtime villain Doctor Octopus becomes…the Superior Spider-Man! We love the direction writer Dan Slott takes in this imaginative series.

    • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011-2013)

      Miles Morales: Spider-Man

      Following the death of the Ultimate Universe’s Peter Parker, a new teen wall-crawler is determined to uphold his legacy. A ‘Super Hero 101’ starring Spider-Man, Miles Morales!

    • Marvel Knights Spider-Man (2004-2006)

      Spider-Man by Mark Millar

      A hidden gem of a series. Spider-Man struggles to balance his responsibilities as Peter Parker while web-slinging alongside guest-stars like the Avengers, X-Men and Green Goblin!

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