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    Meet the legendary leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy! Peter Quill is not only the heir apparent to a galactic empire – he is Star-Lord, intrepid space defender and cosmic explorer.

    A Destiny of Greatness

    • Marvel Preview

      First Appearance

      The cosmic origin of Star-Lord begins here!

    • Star-Lord (2015-2016)


      Although his history was first told in Marvel Preview (1977) #4, Star-Lord’s rise from earth-dweller to universal voyager is given a fresh spin in this 2015 series. How did NASA’s biggest burn-out uncover his star-crossed destiny?

    • Thanos (2003-2004)

      Good Samaritan?

      While touring the penal colony Kyln, the Mad Titan strikes an uneasy alliance with a band of miscreants – one of whom is Star-Lord, back after hiatus and with a brand new cybernetic look!

    • Annihilation: Conquest - Starlord

      Annihilation Conquest

      The Kree restore Star-Lord to his former glory and recruit him to lead a motley crew against a growing Phalanx contagion – governed by none other than Ultron!

    • Guardians of the Galaxy (2008-2010)

      Assembling the Guardians

      In a universe divided by the Annihilation Wars, Star-Lord assembles his own Guardians of the Galaxy to defeat those who would terrorize the innocent!

    • Guardians of the Galaxy (2013-2015)

      Kitty Pryde

      See Star-Lord’s fateful encounter with Kitty Pryde! A love affair begins during Jean Grey’s rigged intergalactic trial. Kitty would later take up the mantle of Star-Lord, embracing her boyfriend’s legacy after Peter rose as Emperor of the Spartax.

    • Legendary Star-Lord

      The Myth & Legend

      Star-Lord shoots for the stars in this sharp and adventurous ongoing. In his first issue? Peter takes on a horde of the Badoon, gets thrown in the slammer - and still finds time for Kitty Pryde!

    • Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex Alpha

      Black Vortex

      Two misfit crews unite as the Guardians and X-Men seek to overthrow Mr. Knife, a space outlaw who targets Star-Lord and commandeers a dangerous artifact. Read the Black Vortex event in full, available as a Discover!

    • Guardians of the Galaxy (2015-2017)

      Emperor of the Spartax

      Born of a love affair between J'son of the Spartax and earthling Meredith Quill, Peter discovered his royal heritage well into adulthood. Star-Lord ascends the Spartax throne, bidding farewell to the Guardians and fitfully embracing a monarch’s duties. But for how long?

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