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    Rodney Barnes’ Favorite Reads

    The award-winning producer, screenwriter and author of Falcon, shares his Marvel pull list with you! Pick up Rodney and Joshua Cassara’s Falcon, where Sam Wilson takes to the skies (with a new sidekick in tow), to continue his legacy as the avian Avenger!

    Read Rodney’s Picks!

    • Captain America (1968-1996)

      “A Wing and a Prayer!”

      As a longtime Falcon fan, I really enjoyed his team-ups with Captain America, here in issues #219-223. Although he played a support role, he was tough. As a kid I liked tough guys.

    • Avengers (1963-1996)

      Classic Age of Avengers

      Another childhood favorite was the arc in AVENGERS (1963) #191-203, primarily due to the cool roster pairings and George Perez’s art.

    • Captain Marvel (1968-1979)

      Of Cosmic Proportions

      Two big favorites were CAPTAIN MARVEL (1968) #29-34 and WARLOCK (1972) #9-15. Jim Starlin’s writing and art was my introduction to the cosmic aspect of the Marvel Universe. The stories were dense and layered with themes of life and death with the backdrop of mind-bending cosmic art.

    • Warlock and the Infinity Watch (1992-1995)

      Warlock’s Cast of Characters

      This carried over to Warlock and the Infinity Watch. This was a much more intimate look at Warlock and his band of cosmic teammates. Much more character-driven, yet cool nonetheless.

    • Werewolf By Night (1972-1988)

      Hirsute Horror!

      Werewolf by Night is also a series I often return to. The entire run was big fun and as a kid, I had a thing for werewolves. As “monsters,” they were more tortured souls than intentionally bad. Think I have a soft spot for misunderstood folks.

    • Iron Fist (1975-1977)

      Iron Fist Vs. The X-Men!

      Last but certainly not least, there’s Iron Fist #15! Iron Fist against the X-Men? Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne providing the creative? Need I say more? Think I’m going to read it tonight.

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