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    Nova vs Sphinx

    Nova has made many enemies in his super hero career, but none has been greater than the Sphinx! Witness here the greatest battles between the Sphinx and the Human Rocket Nova!

    Nova vs Sphinx - Greatest Battles!

    • Nova (1976-1978)

      First Appearance of the Sphinx

      The first appearance of The Sphinx, Nova's greatest villain! When Sphinx learns that Nova may be the key to him obtaining immortality, a rivalry begins!

    • Nova (1976-1978)

      All-Out War

      When Sphinx fails to obtains Nova's powers, it leads to an all-out war between Nova and Sphinx! Will Nova be able to stand up to the awesome might of the Sphinx?

    • New Warriors (1990-1996)

      New Warriors vs. the new Sphinx

      The new Sphinx arrives and looks to tear apart the very fabric of reality with her! Alongside an alternate world's X-Men and Avengers, can Nova and the New Warriors stop her?

    • Web of Spider-Man (1985-1995) Annual

      The Hero Killers

      The Sphinx is revealed as the villain who has been abducting and dissecting heroes. Can Nova, Spider-Man and the New Warriors stop him?

    • Black Panther (2005-2008)

      Abduction by the Sphinx

      Nova and Darkhawk are abducted by the Sphinx and appear to be in a magical construction of Egypt. What dark designs does the Sphinx have?

    • New Warriors (1990-1996) Annual

      The Sphinx...With The Power of Speedball?!

      The Sphinx is harnessing Speedball's powers in a desperate bid for power. With Nova and the other heroes at his mercy, it will be up to Speedball to stop the power-hungry Sphinx!

    • Nova (2007-2010)

      Two Sphinxes!

      When the old Sphinx attempts to change the past, the young Sphinx arrives looking to become a god. Nova, Darkhawk and the others were summoned by the old Sphinx for the very purpose of stopping his younger self

    • Nova (2007-2010)

      The Battle of Sphinxes

      The Battle of the Two Sphinxes! And just when it looks like Nova's side has victory in sight, Darkhawk makes a stunning decision.

    • Nova (2007-2010)

      The All-Powerful Sphinx!

      The Sphinx has now become unto a god! It's Nova vs Sphinx in their greatest battle ever!

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