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    Moon Knight

    Marc Spector is the mercenary Moon Knight. While on assignment, an archeological dig was botched, and Spector became avatar of Egyptian moon god Khonshu. This communion also aggravated his dissociative identity disorder. In addition to Spector, there are multiple personas: millionaire Steven Grant, informant Jake Lockley, super-powered Moon Knight, and the ‘measured’ Mr. Knight.

    The Lunar Legionnaire

    • Werewolf By Night (1972-1988)

      First Appearance

      Teen werewolf Jack Russell is stalked, then apprehended, by a merc with themed gadgets and crisp style. Read through #33!

    • Moon Knight (2014-2015)

      Mr. Knight

      Look no further for the perfect intro. This series fuses all Spector’s fractured phases into a noir horror with supernatural threads. The ‘traditional’ comic format gets a twist too.

    • Moon Knight (1980-1984)

      Origin Story

      With girlfriend Marlene and getaway pilot Frenchie by his side, Moon Knight, plus Spector, Grant and Lockley, seek vengeance against the mercenary responsible for the mission that altered Spector – Bushman.

    • Moon Knight (2016-2017)

      New Egypt

      This series covers everything from Spector’s Orthodox Jewish roots, military, and even Hollywood history. Spector ‘comes to’ in a mental institution where his link to Khonshu and his hero career are dismissed as delusions. But the staff and patients wear two faces, and Khonshu urges his Knight to see in the dark…

    • Moon Knight (2017-2018)

      The Sun King, Ra

      A vengeful sun god burrows inside a psychotic man, leading the Lockley persona to discover a secret daughter he shares with on-off love Marlene. Then, Bushman teams with the avatar of Ra, and Spector’s new family threatens to go up in flames.

    • Defenders (1972-1986)

      Team Player?

      The free agent breaks out the crescent boomerang when S.H.I.E.L.D. oversteps their bounds with Defenders ally Jack Norris. Moon Knight’s Defenders stint starts here!

    • Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976-1998)

      By the Light of the Moon

      Peter’s night out with Betty is quashed when Spider-Man saves cab driver Jake Lockley from a hold-up. Soon after, a hooded ranger shows up to pound justice in a way that makes Spidey uncomfortable!

    • Avengers West Coast (1985-1994)

      California Moonshine

      Moon Knight’s WCA run kicks off here! Clint Barton has a chance encounter with Khonshu in ancient Egypt, triggering a message in Spector’s present.

    • Marc Spector: Moon Knight (1989)

      Waxin’ Poetic Punishment

      Read through #10 for this Punisher team-up! Marvel’s morally murky take on the equally deranged Flag-Smasher.

    • Marvel Knights

      Ultimate Pulp

      Spector joins street-level staples Daredevil, Punisher, Cloak and Dagger, Shang-Chi and Black Widow in a crime-fighting ‘partnership’ that extends to not killing each other.

    • Moon Knight (2006-2009)

      Bad Moon Rising

      WARNING: NOT FOR KIDS! This psycho series features Spector’s frequent breaks from reality in his search for actual ties to Khonshu. Moon Knight hunts Bushman, and it’s not enough to say things go off the rails.

    • Vengeance of the Moon Knight (2009-2010)

      Clair De Lune-atic

      Back in New York and armed to the teeth, the Night Watcher targets Norman Osborn, before broadening his horizons. But MK’s flair for drama draws unwanted eyes…

    • Shadowland: Moon Knight (2010)

      The Second Avatar

      In street-level crossover Shadowland, a possessed Daredevil becomes leader of ninja death cult The Hand, causing power imbalance in New York’s hero circle. Daredevil hires ‘The Profile’ and a second Khonshu avatar to eliminate Moon Knight…

    • Moon Knight (2010-2012)

      Waning Reality

      After we get a blockbuster recap of Marc’s life, we dive into an L.A. set series that depicts his frightening new low. Aided by the imagined identities of Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America, MK wages war in the City of Angels. Avenger Echo guest-stars!

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