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    Marvel Universe: Time And Again

    Collects Amazing Spider-Man Annual (2018) #1, Captain America Annual (2018) #1, Daredevil Annual (2018) #1, Silver Surfer Annual (2018) #1, Spider-Man Annual (2018) #1, X-Men Gold Annual (2018) #2, Journey Into Mystery: The Birth Of Krakoa (2018) #1. Untold tales of your favorite Marvel heroes! Before Spider-Man discovered his black costume was a symbiote, what nighttime adventures did it take him on? On an advance scouting mission during World War II, Captain America and Bucky face one of their longest nights! Discover the first meeting between Daredevil and hero-hating NYPD Detective Misty Knight! Join the Silver Surfer on a fateful hunt for a planet to feed to his master, Galactus! Learn what spider-powered teen Miles Morales was up to during the Skrull Secret Invasion! Witness Kitty Pryde’s first kiss! And join Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos as they encounter the living island Krakoa!

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