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    Marvel Zombies

    Earth is overrun with an apocalyptic plague. The infected wander the streets in undead hordes, feeding on live flesh while spreading their infection. Welcome to the dystopian world of Marvel Zombies, a dismal reality where Earth's heroes undergo an undead transformation. Our zombiefied hits collected here, all for your spine-tingling pleasure!

    Zombie Nights, Zombie Daze

    • Ultimate Fantastic Four

      Zombies Unearthed

      The first appearance of Marvel's Zombie Universe! Ultimate Reed Richards discovers the Zombieverse while exploring dimensions. Witness the living FF come face-to-face with their undead counterparts in Crossover, the multiversal story arc by Mark Millar!

    • Marvel Zombies: Dead Days

      Dead Days

      It all begins here! The origin of Marvel's Zombie Universe is revealed in Dead Days, the prequel to Marvel Zombies #1. Who was first infected? And when the first hero fell to the Zombie Plague, how did the world react?

    • Marvel Zombies


      Magneto stands alone against the freshly-undead Avengers. Villain becomes antihero, as the former mutant menace takes a stand for humanity. The Silver Surfer arrives in all his cosmic glory.

    • Marvel Zombies 2

      Cosmic Zombies

      Zombies in space! The second volume of Zombies kicks off 40 years after the first plague. The planet has been devastated by the insatiable hunger of those infected. The Zombie Avengers seek sustenance outside of Earth, devouring extraterrestrial beings and mighty Galactus himself. Who will be the the next victim of Earth's Decomposing Heroes? Featuring Ego the Living Planet.

    • Marvel Zombies 3

      The Cure

      Mankind's battle against the undead continues, and desperate measures are required. Michael Morbius leads the initiative in finding a cure that will restore zombies' humanity. Robots Machine Man and Jocasta are impervious to zombies, making them ideal candidates to find this the frontlines of Zombieverse!

    • Marvel Zombies 4

      Monster Mash

      It's a truly gruesome reality, as Marvel's zombies face the Legion of Monsters! Morbius, Satanna, Hellstorm, Man-Thing, and Werewolf by Night; where humanity has failed, these monsters shall succeed- or die trying. Writer Fred Van Lente provides the ultimate bloodbath in the fourth volume of Marvel Zombies!

    • Marvel Zombies 5

      Zombie Western

      Spaghetti Western meets ghoulish horror in the first issue of Marvel Zombies 5. Machine Man continues his search for a cure across the Zombieverse. But before he arrives in the Wild Ole' West, outlaws Phantom Rider and Two-Gun Kid arise from the grave! Get ready for long stares, saloon brawls, and plenty rottin' flesh.

    • Marvel Zombies Halloween

      Trick or Treat, Eat Live Meat

      A spook filled Halloween special! In the not too distant future, X-woman Kitty Pryde lives with her son Peter, barricaded against zombie hordes. On Halloween night, the emergence of Mephisto threatens all they hold dear. It's a night of undead horror, as a young boy discovers the meaning of Trick or Treat!

    • Marvel Zombies Destroy


      In an alternate Zombieverse, undead Nazis reign supreme. Destroy! serves up a blast to the Golden Age past, as Dum Dum Dugan and his team of inter-species heroes battle Third Reich zombies! History and sci-fi collide in this offbeat read. Guest-starring Howard the Duck.

    • Marvel Zombies Supreme

      Supreme Zombies

      Earth-S' heroes get an undead makeover! Squadron Supreme members lose their humanity at the hands of a mad geneticist. On Earth-S the cure to zombification! A true gorefest of a series, complete with gristle, bones, and guts.

    • Night of the Living Deadpool

      Night of the Living Deadpool

      Fan-favorite mini-series by Cullen Bunn! Deadpool awakens to a Zombie Apocalypse after a longer than average nap. Will the Merc with a Mouth be able to keep his flesh in the midst of desperate zombies? Artist Ramon Rosanas delivers a black and white throwback to horror flicks of yesteryear!

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