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    Margie’s Marvel Favorites

    Margaret Stohl, New York Times bestselling author and the writer of The Mighty Captain Marvel shares her favorite reads – featuring the Women of Marvel!

    Margaret Stohl & The Women of Marvel

    • Ms. Marvel (2014-2015)

      Kamala Khan

      G. Willow Wilson once told me she and Sana Amanat spent six months making sure they got this issue right. Everything connects back to a cohesive Jersey City-Muslim-teen-girl perspective that stays unique while being universally relatable. I don’t just love this series; it’s my holy grail. You can see why Ms. Marvel made the cover of the Village Voice this year; it’s the sort of cultural phenomenon that embiggens you.

    • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015-)

      Squirrel Girl

      Full disclosure: writer Ryan North is my soul-brother, and possibly the funniest person* on Earth. Artist Erica Henderson shatters all stereotypes of the female superhero body, and for that alone she deserves all the love that Squirrel Girl is getting. Doreen’s approach to super heroics is super modern and hilarious. *certainly the funniest red-haired, down-vest-wearing, pink-suitcase-toting Canadian person on Earth.

    • Spider-Woman (2015-2017)

      Jessica Drew

      Also in the quirky category of winning by breaking the mold? Maternity spandex! Jessica Drew is a beloved companion to Carol Danvers; getting to explore their friendship—or any friendship between two women—is pretty sweet. Equally sweet is watching Jessica Drew’s last trimester as a mom-to-be, including a waiting room full of aliens. [This] iconoclastic cover alone is so breathtaking it’s practically punk rock…

    • Thor (2014-2015)

      Goddess of Thunder

      The world needs a Thor…especially this one. I’m a Thor fan in general—maybe because I write novels and like a lot of dialogue in my comics—but from 2014 forward, Jason Aaron has evolved the Jane Foster storyline into something truly epic. Aaron has a bardic ear for rhythm. I chose to begin my own series run with a dream sequence featuring the Goddess of Thunder in the very first panel of Mighty Captain Marvel #0.

    • Black Panther: World of Wakanda (2016-2017)

      The Dora Milaje

      When Roxane Gay and Ta-Nehisi Coates start writing comics you [run] to your LCS—and so I did, first in the case of Black Panther, and then with World of Wakanda. Gay’s #1 is as fearless as the Dora Milaje themselves. Queer Wakandan warrior women are a worthily epic twist on the classically stoic hero. It’s a pretty exhilarating read; when one initiate says “I know I belong here,” she’s speaking for all of us girls.

    • Captain Marvel (2012-2013)

      Carol Danvers

      Kelly Sue DeConnick is the Queen, and Carol Danvers and I owe everything to her Captain Marvel. Like Carol herself, everything DeConnick does is Higher, Further, Faster, More. Her Carol didn’t need to have all the answers, because she had all the questions. Add to that a deep-dig of a backstory, a Bechdel-test-flying-colors cast, and a human-alien hybrid who juggles epic abilities and relatable emotions. Sold.

    • Invincible Iron Man (2016-2018)


      People freaked when Riri Williams took over for Iron Man, and I get it; those are some big iron shoes to fill. Luckily, both Riri and Bendis are invincible. I’m digging [this series] — the big action, the great back-and-forth between Tony 2.0 and Riri. The future Ironheart has a Tony-worthy brain in a distinctly not-Tony world, and interestingly enough, she’s in many ways the more grown up of the two.

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