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    Lunar New Year

    From whiz kids to secret agents, read on to see where these Marvel characters fall under the Chinese zodiac, based on their traits and the year of their first appearance!

    A Year of the Zodiac

    • Invincible Iron Man (2008-2012)

      Sasha Hammer: Year of the Rat

      Sasha Hammer, the granddaughter of business magnate Justin Hammer, (and the daughter of the Mandarin!), shares some of the rat’s key characteristics. While a stakeholder at Hammer Industries, she flexed her inventiveness, cunning, and all around ruthlessness.

    • Special Marvel Edition (1971-1974)

      Shang-Chi: Year of the Ox

      The Master of Kung Fu’s origin issue! Like the ox, Shang-Chi always remains true to his principles. He also keeps his cool no matter the opponent(s).

    • Marvel Premiere (1972-1981)

      Colleen Wing: Year of the Tiger

      Meet Colleen Wing! This martial arts master demonstrates the courageousness of the tiger. She also never hesitates to stand up for her family and friends, especially when it comes to bestie Misty Knight. Check out Wing exude pure tiger energy in Daughters of the Dragon: Marvel Digital Original (2018) #1!

    • Strange Tales (1951-1968)

      Wong: Year of the Rabbit

      Those born in the year of the rabbit are trustworthy and pleasant. Wong checks both those boxes as Doctor Strange’s closest confidant and ally. Even when he has arguments with Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, Wong handles conflict with mystic wisdom and respect.

    • Daredevil (1964-1998)

      Bengal/Duc No Tranh: Year of the Dragon

      Like the dragon, Duc No Tranh, AKA the costumed vigilante Bengal, always ensures that he is in good physical health. He is a supremely skilled fighter, and would later go on to teach his craft.

    • Uncanny X-Men (1963-2011)

      Jubilee: Year of the Snake

      With mutant powers as sparkly as her personality, X-Man Jubilee broke onto the pages of Uncanny X-Men where she remained a fan-favorite. Her interests in music and drama are defining traits of the snake, plus she’s got an electrifying joy of life that keeps everyone on their toes.

    • Amazing Spider-Man (2014-2015)

      Silk: Year of the Horse

      Like the horse, Cindy Moon’s strength lies in her independence. Even after she was locked away and separated from her family, Silk never lost her drive towards being reunited. Her cheerful disposition paired with spider-powers helps her out of any sticky situation!

    • Contest of Champions (2015-2016)

      White Fox/Ami Han: Year of the Sheep/Goat

      Ami Han may be a Kumiho, but she has the characteristics of those born in the Year of the Sheep/Goat! As the hero White Fox, she descends from a lineage of other nine-tailed fox beings, and handles any situation that comes her way with an inquisitive nature.

    • Yellow Claw (1956-1957)

      Jimmy Woo: Year of the Monkey

      While a now-politically incorrect relic of its time, Jimmy Woo’s first appearance featured the FBI agent against Communist mega-power, Yellow Claw. Like people born in the Year of the Monkey, Jimmy Woo is genial and loves to make people laugh. As the leader of the Agents of Atlas, Woo pulls off his missions with his own comedic twist!

    • Amazing Fantasy (2004-2006)

      Amadeus Cho: Year of the Rooster

      The Year of the Rooster describes those who are multi-talented, philosophical, and hard-working. The fact that this is Amadeus’ zodiac is a total no-brainer! Check out the kid genius’ first encounter with the Hulk, a longstanding relationship that would lead to Cho becoming a “Totally Awesome” Hulk himself!

    • X-Men: Deadly Genesis

      Sway/Suzanne Chan: Year of the Dog

      Much like her zodiac, Sway remained incredibly loyal to her fellow X-Men, even in the face of imminent disaster, (in Deadly Genesis, that disaster is Living Island Krakoa). Another characteristic of this zodiac is the tendency to worry too much, which Sway was no stranger to. When your powers let you control time, it’s always tempting to replay the past!

    • Aero (2019-)

      Aero: Year of the Pig

      Aero, AKA Lei Ling, is a hero you can always count on to finish her mission. Whether that mission is protecting her native city of Shanghai or hitting a deadline for an architecture assignment, Aero gets the job done with breezy ease!

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