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    Jason Aaron's Greatest Marvel Hits

    Jason Aaron's career started when he won a Marvel talent contest, resulting in an 8-page story in the pages of Wolverine #175. Since that time, Aaron has worked on every major Marvel character, most notably Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and Thor. Original Sin – a murder mystery involving Nick Fury, the Avengers, and the Watcher – is Jason's latest project and you can read his greatest Marvel hits here!

    Jason Aaron's Greatest Marvel Stories

    • Wolverine (1988-2003)

      First Marvel Work

      Jason's first published work for Marvel Comics - foretelling the greatness he would bring throughout the years to come to the Marvel Universe.

    • Black Panther (2005-2008)

      Can't Conquer Wakanda

      During the Secret Invasion, Jason Aaron shows readers why Wakanda has never fallen to an invader, alien or otherwise!

    • Ghost Rider (2006-2009)

      Spirit of Vengeance

      Jason's critically-acclaimed run on the Spirit of Vengeance starts here - featuring some of the darkest and weirdest Ghost Rider tales ever seen!

    • Wolverine: Weapon X

      Weapon X

      With artist Ron Garney, Jason Aaron pits Wolverine against a deadly array of new enemies including a band of Black Ops Weapon X copycats.

    • Dark Reign: The List: Wolverine

      Dark Reign

      Joining forces with Esad Ribic (years before the pair would work on Thor: God of Thunder), Aaron put Noh-Varr and Wolverine on a path of destruction inside a Weapon Plus facility.

    • Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine


      The first issue of a six-issue miniseries with Adam Kubert, this Wolverine/Spidey time-travelling romp features a heaping doses of comedy, drama, a living planet and Doctor Doom!

    • Wolverine (2010-2012)

      Wolverine Goes to Hell

      When Jason Aaron got the chance to start a brand-new Wolverine series with Renato Guedes in 2010, he did what any sensible comic book writer would do: he sent the ol' Canucklehead straight to Hell.

    • Ultimate Comics Captain America

      Battle of Ultimate Caps

      The Steve Rogers of the Ultimate Comics Universe gets his own mini-series thanks to Aaron and Ron Garney and they introduce him to his ultimate nemesis: the Captain America of the Vietnam War!

    • X-Men: Schism


      To understand how the X-Men got to where they are today-with Wolverine and Cyclops on opposite sides of the fence-you'll have to go back to this mini-series by Mr. Aaron where he splits the X-Men right down the middle!

    • Wolverine and the X-Men

      Wolverine & the X-Men

      Jason Aaron launches this fan-favorite series featuring Wolverine in a new role - as headmaster of his own school for mutants!

    • Thor: God of Thunder

      God Butcher

      This series, brought to life by the deft hand of Esad Ribic, takes the simple concept of "three Thors are better than one" and brings it to its logical conclusion: MORE THUNDER! Plus, who is the God Butcher and why is he cutting a swathe of death across the cosmos?

    • Thanos Rising

      The Birth of Evil

      Simone Bianchi and Jason Aaron take readers on a tour of the early years of Thanos. Read how the child born on a moon of Saturn became a Mad God - his galactic evil starts here!

    The Latest From Jason Aaron

    • Original Sin

      Everyone Has One

      Jason Aaron along with Mike Deodato present a murder mystery that explodes into a Marvel Universe-spanning event. The Watcher is found dead as Nick Fury leads the heroes of the Marvel Universe in an investigation, while other forces are marshaling as well and other questions are arising. What was the Original Sin? And most importantly, who now holds the Marvel Universe's darkest secrets in the palm of their hand?

    • Thor: God of Thunder

      The Last Days of Midgard

      Thor fights for the safety of Earth across two eras. First in the present, Thor must stop the evil Roxxon Corporation from taking advantage of his adopted planet, along with environmental secret agent Roz Solomon. Then, future Thor fights to save an abandoned and desolate Earth from being consumed by the world devourer Galactus!

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