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    Favorite What If? Tales

    What if pivotal events in Marvel history were altered – or flipped on their heads? Join ever-present cosmic entity the Watcher as we ask ‘What If?’ to the scenarios that re-imagine the storylines you know and love!

    What If…

    • What If? (1977-1984)

      Someone Else was Bitten by the Radioactive Spider?

      Spidey’s associates gain spider-powers of their own! See: Flash Thompson as a brute Spider-Man; Betty Brant as the balletic Spider-Girl; and Colonel John Jameson as the jetpack-wearing, Daily Bugle-endorsed ‘Spider Jameson’!

    • What If? (1977-1984)

      Jane Foster Found Thor’s Hammer?

      A prophecy of things to come, Midgard-born Jane Foster becomes Thordis, Goddess of Thunder! Several decades before this What If became reality, Jane Foster wields the mighty Mjolnir in this prescient tale!

    • What If? (1977-1984)

      The Marvel Bullpen were the Fantastic Four?

      Starring Marvel's Original Bullpen! Stan Lee is Mister Fantastic! 'Fabulous Flo' Steinberg becomes the Invisible Woman! Jack Kirby is the Thing, and Sol Brodsky’s the Human Torch!

    • What If? (1977-1984)

      Doctor Strange Was Dormammu’s Disciple?

      Stephen Strange solicits the power of the dreaded Dark Dimension to gain Dormammu’s knowledge. He even kicks off a fling with Umar, Dormammu’s sister!

    • What If? (1977-1984)

      Jean Grey Had Not Died?

      Instead of sacrificing herself to the Dark Phoenix (Uncanny X-Men #137), Jean maintains tenuous control of her power… until she comes to blows with Galactus, kills several X-Men, and consumes all of Earth.

    • What If? (1977-1984)

      Dazzler Became Galactus’ Herald?

      Mutant songstress Dazzler roller-skates the space ways as Galactus’ right hand. Plus, an Arthurian legend starring Iron Man!

    • What If? (1977-1984)

      Loki Found Thor's Hammer?

      Asgard’s Prince of Lies claims the Thunder God’s power by getting the jump on Thor!

    • What If? (1989-1998)

      The X-Men Died on their First Mission?

      In a parallel timeline, the X-Men fall victim to an ill-fated debut. Have no fear! A tier of new mutants takes their place: Wolfsbane, Warpath, Siryn, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver!

    • What If? (1989-1998)

      Silver Surfer Possessed the Infinity Gauntlet?

      What if Norrin Radd not only had the Power Cosmic? After Surfer destroys Mephisto with the Gauntlet, Doctor Strange conspires with Thanos and Adam Warlock to end his ‘utopian’ reign.

    • What If Magneto Had Formed The X-Men With Professor X? (2004)

      Professor X & Magneto Co-Founded the X-Men?

      By X-Men legend Chris Claremont! Professor Xavier and Magneto unify on a global stage as they train the next generation. But some of our universe’s X-Men end up with the opposition!

    • What If? X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

      Legion Killed Magneto & Xavier?

      Legion murders his father and Magneto, causing worldwide anti-mutant hysteria that leaves everyone with an X-gene imprisoned or dead. But a resistance grows in the Savage Land…

    • What If? Secret Wars (2008)

      Doctor Doom Kept the Beyonder’s Power?

      Following the events of 1984’s Secret Wars, Victor Von Doom keeps all of the Beyonder’s power, leading to a universal overhaul that involves the Celestials, the Eternals, and everyone in between.

    • What If? World War Hulk

      The Heroes Lost World War Hulk?

      Hulk becomes the ‘World Breaker’ after all of Earth’s Mightiest are cowed by his savagery.

    • What If? Iron Man: Demon In An Armor (2010)

      Tony Stark & Victor Von Doom Swapped Minds?

      College roommates from different backgrounds, Tony Stark and Victor Von Doom are both genius intellects. But when Von Doom pulls off a mind swap, Tony Stark loses his privilege and becomes an armored despot!

    • What If?: Venom/Deadpool

      Venom Possessed Deadpool?

      Wade Wilson becomes host to the Venom symbiote! Fame, power, women... Venompool has it all!

    • What If? Infinity - Thanos

      Thanos Joined the Avengers?

      Thanos makes a deal with the Avengers to use his army to protect Earth from invading forces… but it comes at a cost.

    • What If? Thor (2018)

      Thor was Raised by Frost Giants?

      Odin’s son is raised in a realm of persistent winter following his father’s death at the hands of Jotunheim’s king! But what happens when Thor starts to overshadow new stepbrother Loki?

    • What If? Punisher (2018)

      Peter Parker Became The Punisher?

      When Peter’s Uncle Ben is ruthlessly killed, he vows to never let the same fate befall another. From then on, Peter stands as a figure of cold retribution. Criminals beware – the guilty caught in this web will be PUNISHED!

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