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    Fantastic Four Must-Reads

    Witness the greatest moments of the First Family of Comics in the Fantastic Four's first and longest-running series.

    Fantastic Four: The First Family of Comics

    • Fantastic Four (1961-1998)

      First Issue

      Legendary Duo Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduce Marvel's first super hero family - the Fantastic Four!  Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Susan Storm (Invisible Girl), Human Torch (Johnny Storm), and The Thing (Ben Grimm) embark on a quest to stop Mole-Man.  Read how Fantastic Four came to be and what's in store for this trend-setting band of heroes!

    • Fantastic Four (1961-1998)

      First Meeting of the Hulk

      A night on the town turns dismal for Ben Grimm, The Thing, and his sweet heart Alicia when he is attacked by U.S. soldiers mistaking him for the Incredible Hulk!  General Ross has assigned Marvel's first family the Fantastic Four to neutralized the green beast.  Their mission takes an abrupt turn when they find out all of the calamity has been caused by Karl Kot and his mechanical Doomsday creations. 

    • Fantastic Four (1961-1998)

      Doctor Doom

      Read the introduction of the diabolical Doctor Doom into the Marvel Universe. When he takes Sue Storm hostage, it'll be up to the Fantastic 3 to rescue her. And to do so, they'll need to go back in time to the age of Pirates...and take Black Beard's glorified treasure!

    • Fantastic Four (1961-1998)

      Brutal Betrayal of Ben Grimm

      The Thing's one chance of being normal again was taken away from him in order to save the other members of the Fantastic Four from the perils of Doctor Doom. After a hard won battle, Ben Grimm is dazed and remorseful about his decision to remain The Thing and wants nothing to do with the Fantastic Four! But when he strikes out on his own, The Thing is captured by the Inhuman Medusa! 

    • Fantastic Four (1961-1998)

      "Among us hide...The Inhumans"

      The Human Torch runs into a mysterious girl, Crystal, with her Giant canine companion, Lockjaw. But what Johnny Storm doesn't know is that Crystal is the sister of the Fantastic Four's nemesis, Medusa - Queen of the Inhumans!

    • Fantastic Four (1961-1998)

      Galactus comes to town...with his Herald!

      The all-powerful Galactus has landed on Earth with his herald the Silver Surfer!  How can the Fantastic Four turn back this world-devourer who has consumed hundred of worlds?

    • Fantastic Four (1961-1998)

      The New Fantastic Four

      Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Ghost Rider - the new Fantastic Four!?  But what has happened to the original FF?

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