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    Dwayne McDuffie

    Celebrating the works of writer Dwayne McDuffie. McDuffie’s wide contributions to comics and television have left an imprint as diverse and dimensional as the characters he created. In honor of his memory, here are a few of our Marvel favorites.

    Remembering Dwayne McDuffie

    • Damage Control (1989 I)

      “A Restoration Comedy”

      McDuffie’s Marvel career began as an editor, although he soon became a writer, gaining praise for his first major work in Damage Control. This madcap mini-series follows the cast of a Clean-Up Op that tidies up after super hero disasters.

    • Iron Man (1968-1996)

      The Wrecker’s Wrath

      While still an editor, McDuffie scripted two Iron Man issues. Here, Wrecker of the Wrecking Crew acts on a contract from Kingpin, attacking Iron Man at Stark Prosthetics!

    • Deathlok (1990)

      The Living Nightmare of Michael Collins

      McDuffie worked with creators Gregory Wright and Butch Guice to reinvent Deathlok the Demolisher, this time as the tortured Michael Collins. Forcefully turned into a cyborg after uncovering Roxxon’s cyber-soldier program, pacifist Collins struggled greatly with his loss of humanity – and his family.

    • Damage Control (1991)

      A Good, Clean Fight

      For his third run on Damage Control, McDuffie brought in A-list guest-stars including Spider-Man, the Silver Surfer and Hulk. Artists Kyle Baker and Ernie Colón deliver frenetic, cartoonish fun!

    • Deathlok (1991-1994)

      The Souls of Cyber-Folk

      The opening to Deathlok’s second series saw Collins teaming up with fellow cyber-beings Misty Knight and Forge of the X-Men!

    • Beyond!

      The Great Beyond

      McDuffie’s meteoric career in animated television saw him taking a hiatus from Marvel. He returned however in 2006, teaming up with artist Scott Kolins on Beyond!, a mini-series pitting a crew of mismatched heroes against a cosmic being. Read on for some of the strangest character dynamics you’ll ever see in a Marvel comic!

    • Fantastic Four (1998-2012)

      Fantastic Four: Civil War

      McDuffie took the helm on the Fantastic Four for a twelve issue run, chronicling Marvel’s First Family during – and in the aftermath – to Civil War. The writer has said that he was a childhood fan of the FF’s 1967 cartoon!

    • World War Hulk Aftersmash: Damage Control


      An enduring fan-favorite, the writer was keen to return to Damage Control for a fourth time, this time featuring the oddball cast on clean-up duty after World War Hulk. An all-new Goliath and a sentient Chrysler Building are standouts.

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