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    Doctor Strange: The Flight Of Bones

    Collects Doctor Strange (1999) #1-4, Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange #1 and material from Marvel Shadows and Light (1997) #1, Shadows & Light (1998) #2, Marvel Double-Shot #4.

    Doctor Strange turns Marvel Knight and plays supernatural detective when a series of bizarre robberies and a spate of spontaneous combustions set him on the trail of an old enemy. Magic meets noir in an atmospheric Strange tale! Plus: In stories from standout creators, the good Doctor makes a deal with the devil, and the former surgeon must be a very different kind of healer when he hears of a man's deep grief. The Master of the Mystic Arts will duel with demons; meet the Bottle Imp; and face odd reflections of friends, foes and himself. Discover the darker side of Doctor Strange!
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