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    Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme

    Stephen Strange was a surgeon whose career was cut short when his steady hands were damaged in an accident. Seeking a cure to fix his hands that conventional medicine could not provide, Strange embarked on a quest to find the Ancient One, which saw him become Master of the Mystic Arts! Sworn to protect this world from other-worldly threats, Strange remains vigilant as Earth's mystical protector.

    Doctor Strange's Greatest Hits

    • Doctor Strange (2015-2018)

      Age of Strange

      Who do you call when things are coming out of your dreams and trying to kill you? Or when your daughter is cursing in Latin and walking like a spider? Doctor Strange, of course. He's the only person standing between us and the forces of darkness, but has he been paying his tab?

    • Doctor Strange: The Oath

      The Oath

      Writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Marcos Martin send Doctor Stephen Strange on the most important paranormal investigation of his career. He's out to solve an unlikely attempted murder â€" his own! Widely regarded as one of Strange's greatest stories, if you are new to Doctor Strange or haven't yet read this story â€" Start Here!

    • Dr. Strange Season One

      Season One

      Part Indiana Jones, part Lord of the Rings, and all magic! Read a window-crashing, high-flying, globe-traveling, ghost-battling adventure from the earliest days of Doctor Strange's training in the mystic arts!

    • Strange (2004-2005)

      When You're Strange

      J. Michael Straczynski and Brandon Peterson present an updated origin of the mystical hero! Brash young surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange is on a collision course with destiny â€" a journey that will force him to search the deepest corners of his own heart...and the outer reaches of the cosmos, culminating in him becoming the Sorceror Supreme!

    • New Avengers: Illuminati

      The Illuminati

      This Illuminati of Doctor Strange alongside Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Namor and Black Bolt were the people responsible for several world-shattering events, including the banishing of Hulk to another world, leading to the events of Planet Hulk and the Hulk's return for revenge in World War Hulk.

    • New Avengers (2004-2010)

      Strange Avengers

      The Marvel Civil War is over and Luke Cage leads an outlaw team of Avengers! Hunted by Iron Man's team of Mighty Avengers, Doctor Strange joins Cage's New Avengers to save the Marvel Universe their way, free of super hero registration.

    • Strange (2009-2010)

      Sorcerer Supreme No More

      No longer Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe, Stephen Strange must discover a new path to fulfillment and enlightenment. Even though he's been stripped of his title, Strange is still a hero. And if he is going to survive his new journey, he'll need some assistance--in the form of a brand-new student!

    • New Avengers (2013-2015)

      The Hard Choice

      The Illuminati are back and Doctor Strange once again answers the call. These heroes have made tough decisions in the past they could scarcely live with, but what happens when they must decide to destroy other worlds in order to preserve their own?

    • New Avengers (2013-2015) Annual

      Blood Magic

      Doctor Strange is the Master of the Mystic Arts. But has Stephen Strange finally sold his soul in order to save a young girl possessed by a powerful demon? After using blood magic, a forbidden and soul-scarring spell, Strange is able to subdue the demon. Unfortunately, the only way to remove the demon and save the girl is for Strange to become the new host for this demon.

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