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    There are Marvel heroes who seek to protect our planet or even the galaxy. But there are also those who protect turf of a smaller scale, safeguarding their own neighborhoods from threats within. Meet the street-level defenders of Marvel – a handful of New York City vigilantes and Heroes for Hire who pack powerful punches on the streets they call home.

    Marvel’s Defenders

    • Daredevil (2015-2018)


      A blind man who is also one of Marvel’s best hand-to-hand combatants. Matt Murdock is an attorney by day and the masked Daredevil by night, operating within his own, sometimes-conflicting code of heroics. Raised by a legendary boxer, Murdock is no stranger to a brawl.

    • New Avengers (2004-2010) Annual

      Jessica Jones

      Who would’ve thought that the girl who had a high school crush on Peter Parker would become a super hero of her own? Although it hasn’t been an easy road for Jess. Following a car crash that killed her family, Jessica was left comatose but miraculously awoke with remarkable strength, endurance, and could even fly. Today, the P.I. and husband Luke Cage continue to wage war against injustice.

    • Cage! (2016-2017)

      Luke Cage

      The bulletproof Hero for Hire. Harlem born and bred, Luke Cage “Power Man” has a nearly invincible body, paired with superhuman strength. Both he and his partner Iron Fist hire out their services to keep New Yorkers safe.

    • Power Man and Iron Fist (2016-2017)

      Iron Fist

      A mystical Kung Fu warrior of the highest caliber. Iron Fist may not look intimidating, but he poses a physical threat that most bad guys can’t see coming! How you ask? Well, tons of practice and a little something called the power of concentrated chi!

    More Street-Level Heroes

    • Daughters Of The Dragon (2006)

      Colleen Wing

      Martial artist Colleen Wing has spent most of her life fighting for the defenseless, often beside her best friend Misty Knight and longtime allies Luke Cage and Iron Fist. But whether she’s teamed up or acting solo, Colleen always comes out ahead thanks to her supreme samurai skills!

    • Luke Cage, Hero For Hire (1972-1973)

      Claire Temple

      Dr. Claire Temple proves that the power of intellect can rival that of physical strength. What better use of her brilliance than helping to save human and superhuman lives? Check out her first appearance!

    • Heroes For Hire (2006-2007)

      Misty Knight

      While working as a beat cop, Misty Knight lost her arm to a bomb blast, but she now possesses a bionic arm that she wields along with her savvy. Misty once led her own Heroes for Hire operation, a return to form since her earliest team-ups with original Heroes for Hire Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

    • The Punisher (2016-2018)

      The Punisher

      Frank Castle is the man you love to see in comics, but not one you’d like to see on your doorstep! A former Marine who endured the trauma of losing his family, The Punisher now stamps out crime by taking names…and lives. His compulsion for killing often puts him at odds with fellow vigilantes.

    • Cloak and Dagger (1985-1987)

      Cloak & Dagger

      Yin and Yang. Hot and Cold. Cloak and Dagger. If you believe opposites attract, this is the crime-stopping comic duo for you! Cloak uses the power of darkness, while Dagger possesses the divinity of light, but it is the secrets of their past which bind these two together.

    • Moon Knight (2016-2017)

      Moon Knight

      From Marine, to mercenary, to Marvel’s darkest night-stalker! Moon Knight patrols the streets cloaked in the cowl of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god who bestowed him with power. The ultimate antihero, Moon Knight suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder – he has 4-5 distinct personas living inside him, all uniquely gifted.

    • The Totally Awesome Hulk (2015-2017)


      The undisputed Master of Kung Fu. Raised by an immortal assassin, Shang-Chi pursued a different destiny than his lineage, one that saw him using his martial arts mastery to overthrow his father’s empire. Check out his Totally Awesome team-up with Hulk, Amadeus Cho!

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