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    Decades: Marvel In The '90s - The Mutant X-plosion

    Collects Excalibur (1988) #42, Wolverine (1988) #48, X-Factor (1986) #87, X-Men (1991) #27, Generation X (1994) #4, X-Man #5, Uncanny X-Men (1981) #328, X-Force (1991) #55, Deadpool (1997) #2 And Cable (1993) #64.

    Celebrate 80 years of Marvel Comics, decade by decade — and see how Marvel’s mighty mutants dominated the Notorious Nineties! As the X-Men’s popularity exploded, the X-books were the place to be — and there sure were a lot of them! From EXCALIBUR to the radically revised X-FACTOR to two (count ’em, two) books for the X-Men alone! Generation X learned the ropes, while X-Force kicked butt! Wolverine searched for secrets of his past, Cable struggled with his destiny, X-Man explored our strange new world and Deadpool began his rise to superstardom! But which ’90s nemesis would prove most deadly: the Legacy virus or the mansion’s latest inhabitant…Sabretooth?!
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