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    Dan Slott's Amazing Stories

    Dan Slott's career at Marvel started as an intern, eventually making the transition to a full-time comic book writer. When he critically acclaimed turn on She-Hulk began turning heads, his Marvel career exploded, eventually leading to his current gig as the long-time and much beloved writer of Amazing Spider-Man.

    Dan Slott's Amazing Stories

    • She-Hulk (2004-2005)

      Sensational She-Hulk

      Slott and artist Juan Bobillo take Jennifer Walters out of her element by expelling her from Avengers Mansion, firing her from her job as lawyer, and breaking her up with her model boyfriend. A sensational new era starts here!

    • Spider-Man/Human Torch

      Spider-Man and Human Torch

      Spidey and Johnny storm are best buds for life! Dan Slott and Ty Templeton take readers back to the beginning of their friendship, where things weren't always so peachy.

    • She-Hulk (2005-2009)

      Super Hero Law

      No, you're not seeing double. Slott and Bobillo returned in 2005, a year after their first She-Hulk #1, for the second volume of this fan-favorite series. Super hero law has never been so entertaining!

    • Avengers: The Initiative

      The Initiative

      The Civil War has ened and The Initiative-a country-wide super hero program- has risen in its wake. Slott and artist Stefano Caselli showcase the next generation of heroes and their fan-favorite super hero instructors!

    • Mighty Avengers (2007-2010)

      Mighty Avengers

      Slott assembles a new and mighty team of Avengers to save all of reality from one of their greatest foes...but when they can't even stop fighting each other, will this team gel in time?

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1999-2013)

      Doctor Octopus

      Spidey faces down one of his greatest villains in the diabolical Doctor Octopus in this landmark 600th issue!

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1999-2013)

      Big Time

      Spider-Man hits the Big Time in more ways than one! New job! New villains! New love interests! It's big, it's bold, and it starts right here courtesy of Dan Slott!

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1999-2013)

      A New Venom

      A classic Spider-Man supporting cast member gets the spotlight when he becomes the new Venom! Bonded to the dangerous and powerful Venom symbiote, this new webslinger is showing Peter Parker up in the hero department!

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1999-2013)

      Doctor Octopus Victorious

      A game changer for the Spider-Man mythology: a dying Doc Ock finally gets one over on Peter Parker. Exit: Amazing Spider-Man. Enter: Superior Spider-Man!

    • Superior Spider-Man

      A Superior Spider-Man

      Get ready for the man behind the mask...Doctor Octopus?! A whole new direction for Spider-Man that took fans by surprise from the very first page!

    The Latest From Dan Slot

    • Amazing Spider-Man (2014-2015)

      Peter Parker Returns!

      After more than a year away, Dan Slott has brought back Peter Parker. Gone is Doctor Octopus as the Superior Spider-Man. Re-enter Peter Parker as your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, the Greatest Super Hero of All Time! The world may have changed since Spidey's been gone, but so has Peter. This is a man with a second chance at life, and he's not wasting a moment of it. Same Parker Luck, new Parker attitude.

    • Silver Surfer (2014-2015)

      Sentinel of the Spaceways

      Slott brings back everyone's favorite cosmic hero, the Silver Surfer, in his own ongoing series. Complete with a new Earth Girl companion, the Surfer is going beyond the boundaries of the known Marvel U-- into the strange, the new, and the utterly fantastic! Anywhere and Everywhere... Hang On!

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