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    Christopher Hastings’ Marvel Picks

    The Unbelievable Gwenpool and I Am Groot writer shares a few Marvel must-reads! Pick up Christopher and Flaviano’s I Am Groot, where the Guardians’ smallest yet mightiest member finds himself stranded on a strange, alien planet!

    Hastings’ Honorary Mentions

    • Deadpool (1997-2002)

      Deadpool: Healing Factor

      This arc right here, Deadpool (1997) #65-69, remains my favorite Deadpool run. It's full of classic, hilarious Deadpool set pieces and gags, the art is phenomenal, and it altogether feels like a style of Deadpool unique to itself. But…it's only five issues?

    • Agent X (2002-2004)

      His Name is Agent X

      Ha HA! No! It's NOT just a five issue Deadpool run! Here's the rest! So what if Deadpool isn't strictly in most of this series? Trust me, it's a great.

    • Doctor Strange (2015-2018)

      Doctor Strange’s Way of the Weird

      Small tweaks and limits to the nature of Doctor Strange's power play out with huge story ramifications. My favorite wizard surgeon is revamped into a ton of fun and his foes are creepy as hell.

    • Nextwave: Agents of HATE

      Nextwave by Warren Ellis, Stuart Immonen & Dave McCaig

      I can't believe this book existed. We didn't deserve it. So funny. So good looking. It's everything I want in comics.

    • New Avengers (2004-2010)

      A-Team Avengers

      When this first hit, it was the super hero team I didn't realize I always wanted. Spider-Man. Wolverine. Everyone else. (Lovely characters, huge part of the series, don't get me wrong). It was the ultimate team-up, and it was presented like it.

    • Spider-Man 2099 (1992-1996)

      First Super Hero Comic

      They say that every comic is somebody's first comic. This is mine. Well, first super hero comic. J. C. Penney sold packs of random comics in their Christmas catalogues, and my parents got me one that contained this issue. Considering that it's about the ‘cyber-net', roller-blade avatar of the Spider-Man of the can totally enjoy it without any other context! First comic test passed.

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998)

      Spider-Man’s Amazing Friend

      There weren't any comic shops out in the woods of West Virginia where I grew up, so I just had a direct mail subscription to Amazing Spider-Man and a few other comics. I always liked this one just's about super heroes being pals. Spider-Man and X-Man, unlikely buddies, and a fun read. It doesn't always have to be a Civil War.

    • She-Hulk (2004-2005)

      Single Green Female

      Until we get a She-Hulk sitcom, we can reread this hilarious comics run.

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