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    When the psychotic Cletus Kasady found a symbiotic bond with a host consuming alien, it was a match made in discord. Learn more about Spider-Man’s nightmarish menace with these classic Carnage picks!

    Insanely Good Reads

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998)

      Hard Time at Riker’s

      When first introduced, Kasady is the serial killer cellmate of Eddie Brock, former host of the Venom symbiote. With eleven life terms to serve, he’s a man with little to lose.

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998)

      Carnage Arc

      Eddie Brock’s symbiote spawns during a jailbreak, enveloping Kasady. Carnage is born and begins his murderous spree! Read through #363 for the full Carnage arc…where Spidey goes toe-to-tendril with Venom and uncovers Kasady’s horror of a backstory.

    • Spider-Man Unlimited (1993-1998)

      Maximum Carnage

      Part One of a 14-issue event. Spidey temporarily teams with Venom to destroy Carnage and his gaggle of criminal allies. Read the full Maximum Carnage crossover, available as a Discover!

    • Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998)

      The Carnage Cosmic

      Institutionalized and catatonic, Kasady is helpless until reunited with his symbiote. Carnage drops a devastating calling card at the Daily Bugle. And you won’t believe what happens when Silver Surfer steps in!

    • Venom vs. Carnage

      And Baby Makes Three

      Carnage, the offspring of Venom, has a ‘baby’ all his own! A third symbiote is loosed after Carnage taps into his perverse parental instincts. Black Cat guest-stars!

    • New Avengers (2004-2010)

      Death by Sentry

      During The Raft breakout, Carnage is hurtled into space and torn in two by Sentry. But an evil as pure as Kasady’s might be impossible to kill…

    • Carnage

      All-New Carnage

      The parasitic reign resumes when Carnage is freed by freak science. An all-new symbiote is unwittingly formed, more evolved than ever. Iron Man and Spider-Man take the case.

    • Carnage USA

      Red, White, and Carnage

      Kasady, half the man he once was, gets a taste of Americana when he holds a small town captive. Worth a read alone to see the Avengers as symbiotes!

    • Superior Carnage

      Superior Symbiosis

      A nearly lobotomized Kasady is sprung free from an asylum by members of the Frightful Four. The Wizard and Ulysses Klaw attempt to control as primal a force as Carnage…and it doesn’t end well.

    • Minimum Carnage: Alpha

      Minimum Carnage

      Agent Venom, A.K.A. Flash Thompson, and Scarlet Spider begin their two-man takedown of Carnage. Part One of a six-issue event!

    • Deadpool vs. Carnage

      If Looks Could Kill…

      A tale of uncontained crazy. The Merc with a Mouth pursues Cletus Kasady as if it’s destiny. Writer Cullen Bunn knocks it out of the park!

    • Carnage (2015-2017)

      Ongoing Series

      With a trail of bodies behind him, the FBI closes in on Carnage, employing every tactic known to man. Equipped with the latest sonic tech and a team including John Jameson and a reformed Eddie Brock, this may well be Carnage’s Last Stand!

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