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    Captain Marvel: Legacy

    Celebrating the Legacy of Captain Marvel! Over 40 years ago, Air Force Major Carol Danvers became an alien Kree/human hybrid gaining invulnerability, flight and strength beyond compare. Now we’re breaking down Carol’s entire history…in 124 issues! Get all caught up before reading The Mighty Captain Marvel #125 brought to you by creators Margaret Stohl and Michele Bandini!

    Countdown to Captain

    • Ms. Marvel (1977-1979)

      Ms. Marvel (1977) #1-23

      In her first solo series, Carol Danvers leaves NASA to head the Daily Bugle’s Woman Magazine, initially unaware of her own alter ego: Ms. Marvel! As Ms. Marvel, she faces nefarious foes like the Scorpion, Grotesk and Death-Bird, and comes face-to-face with the original Captain Marvel!

    • Ms. Marvel (2006-2010)

      Ms. Marvel (2006) #1-50

      Spinning out of the pages of New Avengers, Ms. Marvel debuts in her longest running series. From a Brood invasion to the first superhuman Civil War to the paranoia and uncertainty of Secret Invasion and Dark Reign, Ms. Marvel contends with some of her strangest and most dangerous challenges yet!

    • Captain Marvel (2012-2013)

      Captain Marvel (2012) #1-17

      Carol finally takes up the mantle of Captain Marvel! Time-travelling thrills kick off the series, which also sees the newly minted Captain Marvel butting heads with Monica Rambeau, losing her powers, and having a final showdown with her nemesis Yon-Rogg!

    • Captain Marvel (2014-2015)

      Captain Marvel (2014) #1-15

      Captain Marvel heads into the final frontier in this volume of her self-titled series. In space, Carol will join up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, rebel against an oppressive alien regime, and be a swashbuckler with space pirates!

    • Captain Marvel (2016)

      Captain Marvel (2016) #1-10

      Alpha Flight is back, and now it’s a space-based Earth defense force led by none other than Carol Danvers! Things don’t go smoothly at first, as Captain Marvel struggles in her new role as both diplomat and defender, and they only get worse as the Civil War II reaches critical mass!

    • The Mighty Captain Marvel (2016-2017)

      The Mighty Captain Marvel (2017) #1-9

      Best-selling author Margaret Stohl takes the reins on this series. Featuring an alien refugee crisis, the recruitment of new Alpha Flight cadets, and the tribulations of Secret Empire, Captain Marvel’s hands might be too full!

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