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    Black Widow: Across the Marvel Universe

    Soviet Spy. Trained Assassin. Legendary Avenger. No character has had a wilder history than Black Widow, from her beginnings as a trained spy for the Soviet Union up to her present day standing as one of the most respected Avengers. Read some of Black Widow's most historic moments right here!

    Soviet. Spy. Avenger.

    • Tales of Suspense (1959-1968)

      First Appearance

      Fall of Famers Stan Lee and Don Heck introduce the crimson-haired, femme-fatale Black Widow into the Marvel Universe in "The Crimson Dynamo...Strikes Again!"  Tony Stark wastes no time trying to catch the eye of the beautiful Natasha Romanoff, but little does he know that she is the super-secret Russian spy Black Widow.  Introductions are cut short by the destructive Crimson Dynamo and Iron Man must stop him!

    • Uncanny X-Men (1963-2011)

      Widow, Cap and Logan

      Legendary team Chris Claremont and Jim Lee team-up Black Widow, Captain America, and Wolverine to battle The Hand and Baron Strucker in a story that shifts from WWII to present day! 

    • Black Widow (1999)

      Two Widows

      Devin Grayson and J.G. Jones present The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Black Widow teams up with her pursuer Yelena Belova to stop a terrorist group, but it may be a mysterious secret that will change Black Widow's life as we know it.

    • Daredevil (1998-2011)

      Daredevil and Black Widow

      Black Widow comes to console the Man Without Fear Daredevil.  With all the turmoil and confusion Matt Murdock is going through, Black Widow comes to Matt's aid.  However, what are her true intentions? Can Matt trust the Russian vixen, when he has been stabbed in the back before?

    • Captain America (2004-2011)

      A Past With The Winter Soldier

      When Dr. Faustus brainwashes Bucky back to his old Winter Soldier personality, it's up to Black Widow and the Faclon to arrest the Winter Solider.

    • Fear Itself: Black Widow

      All By Herself

      When a French terrorist group looks to cause a nuclear disaster, it comes down to Russia's deadliest assassin Black Widow to save Paris and take down the terrorists. And she has to do it all by herself...just the way she likes it.

    • Black Widow (2010)

      What is the Secret of the Rose?

      The astonishing team of Majorie Liu and Daniel Acuna present Black Widow in her gravest situation yet as Natasha finds herself left for dead. Will the former-spy-turned-hero recover in time to uncover the secret of the Rose!?

    • Widowmaker


      Ronin is on the loose, killing all those who stand in his way.  Hawkeye and Mockingbird are on the case to stop the assassin, but to the world at large - Ronin is Hawkeye?!  Black Widow is sent into the fray to find answers. Who is this new Ronin and can the heroes stop this mystery person before more carnage ensues?

    • Secret Avengers (2010-2012)

      A Widow Through Time

      Awarding wining duo Warren Ellis and Alex Maleev time warp Black Widow five years into the past!  During a heated battle Captain America and War Machine are killed and in order for Natasha to save them she has to find her way back to the present and prevent their deaths! With the help of mutant Beast, will she get back in time to save her fellow Avengers!?

    • Avengers Assemble


      Trained to kill at a young age by the KGB, Black Widow wishes to atone for her corrupt past.  But in the present day, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman and Black Widow must team up to stop a lizardly threat known as Galina -- who seeks revenge for Black Widow's assassination of her father!

    • Secret Avengers (2013-2014)

      Secret Avengers

      Agent Coulson brings together covert operatives Black Widow and Hawkeye to help stop a new terrorist group as part of a new team of Secret Avengers. But by signing up, will Natasha and Clint get more than they bargained for when they learn of SHIELD's intentions?

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