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    80th Anniversary: Silver Age

    Celebrating 80 years of Marvel! From a super powered family, an irradiated man-monster, to a neighborhood wall-crawler and teenage mutant mayhem, sample the first generation of modern Marvel with these 1960s hits!

    MARVEL COMICS: 1961-1969

    • Fantastic Four (1961-1998)

      Fantastic Four

      The series most credited for kick starting the Marvel Universe, Fantastic Four proved a commercial success in large part to its non-traditional heroes. This series also put Jack Kirby and Stan Lee on the map!

    • Incredible Hulk (1962-1999)


      Witness the birth of the Gamma Green Giant, as mild-mannered Bruce Banner gets a dose of radiation he can't quite shake!

    • Tales to Astonish (1959-1968)

      Ant-Man & the Wasp

      Creators Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby present 'The Man in the Ant Hill', the origin story of Hank Pym! Read on for his adventures with stylish sidekick, the winsome Wasp!

    • Journey Into Mystery (1952-1966)


      The comic that introduced True Believers to the God of Thunder! When Dr. Donald Blake strikes his wooden cane on the ground, he transforms into Odin’s favored son!

    • Tales of Suspense (1959-1968)

      Iron Man

      Although he wouldn't get a solo series till 1968, Iron Man starred in Tales of Suspense, a Cold War Era comic with a sci-fi bend. In a moment of duress, industrialist Tony Stark achieves his full potential.

    • Uncanny X-Men (1963-2011)


      In their inaugural issue, Charles Xavier's first class of mutants takes on Magneto, Master of Magnetism. But the X-Men’s greatest threat would be a world that hates and fears their existence.

    • Avengers (1963-1996)


      The Avengers are the pinnacle Super Hero Team-Up–a combination of power sets and personalities that guarantees an exciting read!

    • Strange Tales (1951-1968)

      Doctor Strange

      Arrogant surgeon Stephen Strange turns to the Mystic Arts following a life-altering accident. But in his first appearance, the future Sorcerer Supreme is actually a “Master of Black Magic”!

    • Daredevil (1964-1998)


      By day, he is blind attorney Matt Murdock, but in his suit of red, he is Daredevil, Man Without Fear. Check out the hero of Hell's Kitchen in his first appearance, wearing a (very) yellow costume!

    • Fantastic Four (1961-1998)

      Black Panther

      In the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda, the Fantastic Four cross paths with a noble king and righteous hero–meet Marvel’s first African super hero, Black Panther!

    • Captain America (1968-1996)

      Captain America

      The star-spangled Sentinel of Liberty enters the Silver Age! Having earned his place amongst modern Marvel-dom, Steve Rogers takes off in his own ongoing series!

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